Cali is located in the region of Valle del Cauca is distinguished in Colombia as the capital of Party, dancing and salsa. There you can appreciate the architecture of churches and other buildings that are considered National Monuments. Cali is identified by its traditional gastronomy, a cuisine that blends Spanish, Indian and African heritage. Enjoy a  “sancocho” soup, Atollado rice, aborrajado, green plantain toasts with “hogao” and tamales. Every year, from December 25th to 30th, the Cali Fair is celebrated, which is one of the most important and traditional festivals in the country and the contintent. You will see bullfights, beauty contests, gastronomic fairs, fa... Read more

San Andres

San Andrés is an island located at the west of the Caribbean Sea. It has a beautiful sea of ​​seven colors and is known for its paradisiacal landscapes and beaches, the warmth and tranquility of its people and its exquisite gastronomy based on lobster, snapper, snails and crabs. You can take a boat through the calm waters of the San Andres Sea and head for Johnny Cay, an island famous for its beaches and its Cocoloco Coctails. There you can eat delicious fried mojarras with plantain and delicious cocktails. Swimming among stingrays and snorkeling  in coral reefs are some plans that you will love. You can also relax with the simple rhythm of reggae, admire natural parks,... Read more

Santa Marta

Santa Marta is the oldest city in South America, it is a monument to beauty, architecture and culture. You will find a warm climate and a pleased Caribbean atmosphere. Visit the beaches of El Rodadero which are located 10 minutes from the city. There you will find cozy white sand beaches and a calm sea, ideal for water sports. You can go through Tayrona Park where, in addition to the magnificent beaches and the relaxing panorama of an intense blue sea, you can enjoy hiking, horse riding and scuba diving. From the city you can also see the Andes mountain range where the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta rises. This is the highest mountain in the world on the shores of the sea and t... Read more

Cartagena de Indias

The beautiful Cartagena de Indias is a beautiful city located in the north of Colombia. It is known as the Heroic and has been recognized as a World Heritage. Its colonial architecture, history, landscapes and its fantastic weather makes it one of the favorite cities to visit at any time of the year. It is the Colombian main tourist city and each of it cortners have its own story. Tourism is centerd in the neighborhoods of El Laguito, Bocagrande, Centro Histórico, Getsemaní and La Boquilla (the latter is also known as Los Morros). In this areas you can find accomodations with the best comfort and variety of prices; The locations are near the La Popa hill, San Felipe Castle... Read more

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