San Andres

Archipielago de San Andres / San Andres

San Andrés is an island located at the west of the Caribbean Sea. It has a beautiful sea of ​​seven colors and is known for its paradisiacal landscapes and beaches, the warmth and tranquility of its people and its exquisite gastronomy based on lobster, snapper, snails and crabs.

You can take a boat through the calm waters of the San Andres Sea and head for Johnny Cay, an island famous for its beaches and its Cocoloco Coctails. There you can eat delicious fried mojarras with plantain and delicious cocktails.

Swimming among stingrays and snorkeling  in coral reefs are some plans that you will love. You can also relax with the simple rhythm of reggae, admire natural parks, walk on deserted beaches and enjoy the slow pace of time.

Do not forget to visit the mythical Morgan cave where the legend says that "the pirate Morgan" hide the treasures he stole from the Spaniards. You can also see the blower hole which is a curious phenomenon of nature where a jet of water of several meters arises from a hole.